When it comes to special occasions such as weddings, a bride must be outfitted in a stunning and beguiling wedding dress. And as the alluring city of Dubai beckons lovers, so does the glittering array of wedding dress styles that the emirate offers to ensure that every bride looks and feels her absolute best. From classic full-length gowns to modern off-the-shoulder styles, brides-to-be can find an array of stunning options for the bride-to-be seeking a perfect and unforgettable look. 

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the most common wedding dress styles, necklines, & fabrics you'll come across when searching for your perfect dress. 

Wedding Dress Styles 

For the bride-to-be, searching for the perfect wedding dress can seem daunting with the many styles to choose from. From the demure A-line silhouette to the dramatic Ball gown, from the sultry Mermaid shape to the sleek Sheath/Column, and from the romantic Empire style, the options will surely delight any discerning bride. So according to our experts, here are the 5 main wedding dress styles:

  1. A-line
  2. Ball Gown
  3. Mermaid
  4. Sheath/Column
  5. Empire

1. A-line

A Line wedding dress on dummy

A-line wedding dresses are an elegant choice for a bride-to-be, designed to flatter various body shapes. This timeless silhouette is characterized by a fitted bodice that gradually flares into an A-shape, creating a beautiful, flattering look. It is perfect for brides with an hourglass, pear, or apple body type, as it cinches in the waist and skims over the hips, creating a stunning and feminine silhouette.

2. Ball Gown

A bride wearing Ball Gown wedding dress

Ball gown wedding dresses are a timeless and exquisite option for brides. These voluminous gowns are crafted to flatter the figure and create an enchanting silhouette. Perfect for a traditional wedding, this alluring style is ideal for curvy figures and will make any bride feel like a princess. Delicately embellished with intricate beading and delicate lace detailing, it is perfect for a romantic and memorable day.

3. Mermaid

a bride wearing Mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid wedding dresses are a classic choice for brides looking to make a statement on their special day. These curve-hugging styles emphasize the figure, creating a sleek and sensual silhouette that flatters hourglass, athletic, and petite body types. With its regal charm and figure-flattering fit, the mermaid wedding dress is the finest choice for brides seeking a sophisticated and glamorous look.

4. Sheath/Column

a bride wearing sheath wedding dress

Sheath/Column wedding dresses provide a sleek and sophisticated silhouette for any bride. This timeless silhouette flatters the figure, making it an excellent choice for all brides. The slim cut of the dress, its elegant lines, and its clean construction can create an elegant and graceful look that will make the bride look her best on her special day. Whether petite, tall, full-figured or anything in between, this wedding dress style can make you look and feel beautiful.

5. Empire

a bride in empire wedding dress

Empire wedding dresses are perfect for all body types. With their cinched waistline, these stylish gowns create an effortless silhouette that flatters and enhances the bride’s figure. The waistline sits just under the bust, creating a slimming and graceful look that will make any bride confident and beautiful on her special day.

Wedding Dress Neckline

wedding dress with neckline on dummy

Now that you have gone through different wedding dress styles let's dive into sunning neckline options! A wedding dress can be made truly special with the right neckline. From a classic Square neckline, a romantic V neckline, or a timeless Strapless, to an elegant Off shoulder or a flirty Sweetheart, the options are endless. Whatever your style is, ensure that you choose the perfect neckline for your dream dress. So, 6 main wedding dress necklines are:

  1. Square Neckline
  2. V Neckline
  3. Strapless
  4. Off the Shoulder
  5. Sweetheart
  6. Bateau

1. Square Neckline

bride with square neckline wedding dress

The Square wedding dress neckline is a classic choice for brides, providing a polished and graceful frame to the shoulders and face. This angular and structured silhouette is ideal for those with a rectangular body type and creates a striking look that exudes sophistication and poise.

2. V Neckline

bride with V neckline wedding dress

The V wedding dress neckline is the finest shape that is universally flattering and suits various body types. This timeless silhouette features a deep V- neckline that elongates the upper body & is exquisitely elegant. A great choice for an hourglass figure & is the perfect way to show off décolletage.

3. Strapless

bride wearing strapless wedding dress

The strapless wedding dress neckline flatters many body types. Its sleek silhouette & bare shoulders offer a classic, elegant look that elongates the figure and accentuates the décolletage, making it particularly flattering for those with a slender frame or an hourglass shape.

4. Off the Shoulder

bride with off the shoulder neckline dress

The off-the-shoulder wedding dress neckline features a fitted bodice with a bardot-style cutout, highlighting the décolletage and shoulders for a beguiling look. This neckline is ideal for brides with hourglass, pear, or apple body shapes, as it helps create a balanced silhouette.

5. Sweetheart

bride with sweetheart neckline wedding dress

The Sweetheart neckline is a stunning look that flatters petite and full-figured figures, featuring a graceful, curved shape that dips down to the center of the bust. This neckline pairs perfectly with classic A-line & ball gown silhouettes for a traditional, romantic bridal look.

6. Bateau

girl with bateau neckline wedding dress

The Bateau neckline is perfect for brides who wish to showcase their curves and is particularly suited to those with hourglass or pear-shaped figures. This elegant neckline adds a touch of sophistication to various wedding dress styles, from romantic A-line silhouettes to opulent ball gowns.

Wedding Dress Fabrics

We have covered all the wedding dress necklines; let's move to the fabrics. Adorned with the finest fabrics, wedding dresses are a bride's dream come true. The classic fabrics for a wedding dress include Organza, Satin, Charmeuse, Lace, and Chiffon, all of which provide a luxuriously soft feel and unmatched elegance for the special day. With these fabrics, one can create a magical look that will be remembered for years.

1. Organza

organza fabric

Organza fabric is a popular choice for wedding dresses, as its lightweight and sheer properties imbue it with an ethereal quality. However, such delicate features can also be considered a disadvantage, as they may require additional care to maintain their pristine appearance. Additionally, a lining or undergarment may be necessary for comfort and modesty because of its transparency. Nevertheless, its delightful texture and graceful drape make it a worthy consideration for any bridal ensemble.

2. Satin

satin fabric

Satin is an elegant and luxurious fabric for a wedding dress, offering an exquisite sheen and texture. Its smooth and glossy surface adds a touch of sophistication to the wearer, while its lightweight and airy feel makes it a comfortable choice for the big day. However, as satin is a delicate fabric, it can be prone to creasing and wrinkles, so care must be taken when wearing and storing the dress.

3. Charmeuse

charmeuse fabric

Charmeuse is a luxurious fabric with a soft, glossy sheen that is ideal for wedding dresses. Its lightweight, fluid nature allows for a comfortable fit and a beautiful drape, while its breathable quality keeps brides cool and comfortable throughout their special day. Unfortunately, Charmeuse can be prone to creasing and is not as durable as other fabrics, so it may require more care to maintain its beautiful appearance.

4. Lace

lace fabric

Lace has long been popular for providing a timeless & elegant aesthetic. However, its delicate nature can be both a pro and a con, as its intricate patterns can offer a unique and luxurious look but can also be prone to snagging and tearing. With careful consideration, lace can be a perfect choice for brides who wish to achieve a classic look.

5. Chiffon

chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabric is a highly sought-after material for wedding dresses because it is thin, lightweight, and airy. The sheerness of the fabric is aesthetically pleasing, allowing for intricate designs, beading, and lace to be showcased. Additionally, the supple texture of the fabric ensures the bride's comfort throughout the special day. However, due to the fabric's delicate nature, chiffon wedding dresses may be more susceptible to wrinkles and stains.


As you are now armed with all this information regarding wedding dress styles, necklines, & fabrics, we are sure you'll be on the right track to choosing the perfect wedding dress for your body shape. And if you're still looking for inspiration or consultation, get in touch with Prive Atelier Bridal & Couture today!



1. What type of wedding dress is most popular?

The most popular wedding dress styles today are the ballgown, A-line, and mermaid/trumpet. These timeless choices offer a classic and elegant look, flattering different body types while creating a romantic and glamorous vibe.

2. What are the main wedding styles?

The main wedding styles include traditional (timeless and formal), rustic (charming and natural), vintage (nostalgic and antique-inspired), bohemian (free-spirited and eclectic), and modern (sleek and minimalist).

3. How much does a wedding dress cost in Dubai?

The cost of a wedding dress in Dubai can vary greatly, ranging from AED 5,000 to AED 30,000 or more, depending on the designer, style, and quality.

4. Which color is best for a wedding dress?

When it comes to choosing the color for a wedding dress, it's all about personal preference and the wedding theme. While white is the traditional choice symbolizing purity, popular alternatives include ivory, blush, and champagne. The best color for a wedding dress is the one that makes the bride feel beautiful and confident on her special day.

June 22, 2023 — Digital Vigital