The Midas Touch Behind Our Designs

Karolina, a highly skilled and creative designer who has not only done wonders for us and our clients but in the past has demonstrated her skill at prestigious platforms of the iconic fashion world such as New York Fashion Week. Her journey has been inspirational for all fashion designers looking to make a mark in the industry and is a story worth knowing.

Hailing from Poland, the fashion enthusiast professional started impressing everyone with her work for Cloo, a bridal shop in Katowice. Moving to London for greater exposure, she initially worked for Pronovias, an acclaimed Spanish flagship store, before working at another high-end bridal store with seasoned designers including Zuhair Murad, Berta bridal, Naeem Khan, and Carolina Herrera along with some others.

She is known for her impeccable design sense and skilled sewing, making her a professional you can rely on to craft an impressive outlook for all. A significant achievement for her is to have her work featured at the Cannes Film Festival, an exhibition of art and fashion of international fame. The reason behind her success, apart from talent, is her attitude towards work and life as she always stayed positive and relied on her hard work and creativity to gain acclaim.

Her achievements seem more illustrious when you consider the time she took to get here. Her professional journey began at the technical school of fashion in Katowice. She started making big strides when she moved to the USA, earning the crown jewel of her career by being part of the NYFW.


New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the most iconic events in the world of fashion. Designers dream of getting an opportunity to showcase their talent on this grand stage, but very few reach the mark. For Karolina, it was the NYFW 2019 that brought her this opportunity. She had her own show at the event and left everyone impressed with her fashion sense and dreamy creativity. Being a thorough professional, she dedicated six months to make a lasting impact on the audience, where she also tried her hand at painting an outfit to great effect.

models on ramp in New York fashion week 

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival needs no introduction to anyone in touch with the world of art and entertainment. It is an exhibition where top celebrities and talents from around the world gather to celebrate the best performances in filmmaking. Tanya La Gatta, the famous Italian model, and actress made an appearance at the 2019 event in a specially designed outfit by Karolina. She looked amazing in her beautiful black dress.

 a model on red carpet of Cannes Film Festival showing her dress

Summing Up

By choosing Prive Atelier for your most special day, you can always expect the best designs custom-tailored to your personality. Don’t be surprised when you impress everyone with your attire at any event, as the experienced and talented Karolina is a well-known artist to deliver this impact.

two models showing their bridal dresses made by Prive Atelier